Parking Update

The Wells Fargo Championship Tournament will use designated parking lots at Calvary Church on May 3 & 4 for transport shuttles to and from Quail Hollow for the annual golf tournament.


What do you need to do?

  • CCDC parents and staff will receive a bright placard to place on your vehicle dashboard. You will receive your placard from your child's teacher on Wednesday, April 28.
  • Place placard on vehicle dashboard on Monday and Tuesday, May 3 & 4. This is your "parking pass"!
  • Parking attendants will allow vehicles with the Calvary placards to park in lots A, B, and D.
    • CCDC Parents should use Parking Lot D.
    • CCDC Staff will use Lots A & B.
    • Please do NOT park in Lots C, E, and F.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Questions? Contact: Laura Schlesing, 704.341.5447,