<p>What's on the menu?<br />
Lunch & snacks this month</p>
What's on the menu?
Lunch & snacks this month

What's on the Menu?

Find out what's on the menu this month for lunches and snacks!

A hot lunch and snacks are included every day in our Daycare and Kindergarten/TK programs.

Children in our Preschool programs may bring lunch from home. Parents may purchase milk to go with lunches brought from home. Or order a hot lunch for your child!

Parents must purchase lunch and milk credits in advance online through the HeadMaster Lunch program within the CCDC payment portal. You must select the days/dates for your child's milk and lunch order by SUNDAY prior to each school week. Please use the button below to log in.  

Lunch & Milk Tickets

Read more about our approach to nutrition at CCDC. We are nut-free to avoid any allergy concerns.