<p>Enrichment Classes<br />
Specialized learning experiences</p>
Enrichment Classes
Specialized learning experiences

Enrichment Classes

Calvary Child Development Center is unique because of our staff and our integrated curriculum. In addition, our distinctive enrichment classes offer children early access to language, fitness, and science activities to expand their educational experience.


Enrichment classes are favorites with our children! With our talented teachers' help, the children discover new interests, skills, and ways to express themselves.


Depending on the age level, we offer the following classes:

  • Bible & Worship
  • Science
  • Fun & Fitness
  • Spanish
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    Bible & Worship

    Offered weekly in 3s & 4s Preschool/Daycare, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten


    Our Bible & Worship class gives children a hands-on learning experience with the Bible. Our goal is to teach the children about God and His Word. We learn about Jesus, our Lord and Savior. And we learn what it means to worship and to pray.

    Each lesson is comprised of visual, auditory, kinesthetic, spatial, linguistic, and tactile applications of Bible stories, Scripture verses, prayer, and worship songs. We introduce new songs for children to learn regularly — utilizing melodies, lyrics, hand motions, creative movement, rhythm instruments, and more.

     Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.” — Matthew 19:14

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    Fun & Fitness

    Offered weekly in 3s & 4s Preschool/Daycare, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten

    In Fun & Fitness class, children build a foundation for a healthy future and skills for pre-writing and pre-reading as they develop confidence, motor skills control, and coordination — and have fun — within a safe environment!

    Our high-energy Fun & Fitness teacher engages the children in active indoor and outdoor play like scooter riding, obstacle courses, water play, tumbling, and parachute play.

    Extra special activities include Winter Wonderland, where the children pretend to ice skate and throw snowballs! And in warmer months, the children love to play on our commercial-grade water slide!

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    Science & Labs

    Offered weekly in 2s, 3s, & 4s Preschool/Daycare, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten


    God has revealed Himself in the amazing and beautiful world which He has created. We want to introduce children to science in a biblical, God-centered way that will inspire them to continue learning with enthusiasm and confidence.


    Our science labs are designed to provide a hands-on, interactive sensory environment that will allow children to observe, explore and interact with scientific principles and the world around them. Two science areas and two teachers ensure that our 2s and 3s, and our 4s/TK/K are challenged at the appropriate level for their ages and skills.


    In our science units, we explore the properties of air and water, magnets, rocks and fossils, dinosaurs, simple machines, measurement (linear, volume, weight, and temperature), color and light, plant life, insects, food and nutrition, the human body, sea life, outer space, life cycles, birds, volcanoes, rainforests… and more!


    All children ages 2–5 take part in lab sessions designed for their age level, beginning with a teacher-led presentation to introduce the topic, followed by a time of guided exploration and application through activities and experiences within the lab.


    Older children (3s & 4s) receive a more extended lesson, but all children have the opportunity to become scientists by exercising their senses and critical thinking and expanding their vocabulary and understanding of the world around them.

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    Offered weekly in 2s, 3s, & 4s Preschool/Daycare, Transitional Kindergarten, and Kindergarten


    Each week, children have a Spanish class with a native Spanish-speaking teacher.


    Our comprehensive Spanish language curriculum teaches children their colors, animals, shapes, community helpers, counting to 20, and much more! Each month, the teacher sends home a lesson overview with pictures, vocabulary, and a pronunciation key.


    Children steadily progress with their Spanish language skills, building upon the skills achieved at each age level as they advance.