<p>CCDC is a Nut-Free Center<br />
Keeping all children allergy safe</p>
CCDC is a Nut-Free Center
Keeping all children allergy safe

CCDC is a nut-free center

Calvary Child Development Center is a peanut and tree nut-free center.

Some children are allergic to peanuts/tree nuts and could experience life-threatening allergic reactions in the presence of these allergens. Because those at risk cannot yet self-advocate or read packaging, no foods that contain peanuts or tree nuts are allowed in the Center. This includes coconut milk and almond milk.

Please read all labels carefully to be certain the products are nut-free before bringing them into the classroom. Consult the Safe Snack Guide online for ideas and snack options that are free of peanuts and tree nuts at snacksafely.com/safe-snack-guide