<p>Family Transitions<br />
Calvary Learning Series<br />
11/10 session: For parents of twos</p>
Family Transitions
Calvary Learning Series
11/10 session: For parents of twos

Practical Insight with a Biblical Foundation

Family Transitions Learning Series

Next Session: For Parents of Two-Year-Olds
Sunday, November 10
11:15 AM–12:15 PM, Room 200

Family Transitions is a free ongoing learning series at Calvary for parents on Sunday mornings, offering practical insights and discussion with a biblical foundation as you guide your child through key ages and stages.

As children begin to learn the structure of the family, parents are to teach them about leadership, respect, and authority. Join Rodney Navey, Pastor of Family Ministries, and Su Trull, Director of Children's Ministries, as they offer biblical insights and practical tips.

Contact: Pastor Rodney Navey, 704.341.5448, rnavey@calvarychurch.com